GE Wireless Residence Protection Units

When you’re making a notified choice regarding a cordless house security system, GE house security systems should get on your list to look into.

Full Disclosure

Allow me state right up front that I’m not a GE rep neither do I represent any home security system provider. I do not make any kind of money acquiring or offering GE items.

Currently, in picking a residence safety and security system, it may be that you will certainly have no selection– you’ll have to go cordless. Possibly your residence is not well suited to running hardwiring, or you want a system that you could install on your own quickly and conveniently. GE cordless home protection systems are readily available to assist you attain that goal.

One popular selection is the GE Simon 3 Wireless Home Security System.


This system has a sophisticated technology in a straightforward console style. It is smaller sized as well as a lot more attractive compared to a bunch of devices that came prior to it. And it’s made by General Electric, so you can not fail there.

The GE Simon 3 wireless house safety system is a self-supporting unit comprised of (yet not limited to):.

Lights control center from a keypad.
Control unit.
Sounder or siren.
It is also expanding, utilizing a complete variety of add-on devices that offer you a great deal of helpful capability.


If your youngsters are old adequate to come and go to as well as from school by themselves, the GE cordless home safety system has a latchkey attribute which permits you to check, from another location, whether your kids have arrived home at the suitable time.

One more advantage of the GE Simon 3 wireless house protection system comes in the means it handles a house intrusion. If a breach occurs (or any sort of various other problem is identified by among the sensing units), the system can dial as much as three different phone numbers. Not just that– as soon as you select up the call, the system will really talk with you from a synthesized voice as well as explain the trouble. This provides you the choice of deciding concerning just what to do next– including disarming as well as regulating the system over the phone. Or, if you have among the wireless remotes that is available, you can utilize the push-button control to disarm the system.

The GE Simon 3 wireless residence safety and security system can also be programmed to call your safety and security keeping an eye on company as well (including a data backup number merely in situation).

Some various other features of the GE Simon 3 wireless house safety system include:.

The capacity to check up to 24 areas wirelessly (consisting of the capacity to make 2 of these hardwired).
It assists a two-way radio regularity chatting touchpad along with a hand-held superhigh frequency touchpad and also keychain touchpad.
When you are setting the GE Simon 3 wireless residence protection system, it will utilize voice signs that assist quick and also simple shows.
It includes a 1 Day backup battery.
… as well as much a lot more.
And also most importantly, probably, is that the system is basic sufficient for you to diy.

The GE Simon 3 wireless home safety and security system is widely readily available for acquisition online or at your local residence improvement facility or house electronic devices superstore. Costs begin at appropriate around $200 and also some systems will certainly also throw in a year’s well worth of alarm tracking– free of charge.


Once again, I am not a GE rep, neither do I make any money by recommending their products. I’m just claiming that GE offers a total line of exceptional house security system products that you ought to consider when making a notified decision about the safety and also safety of your family and/or business.

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